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Sm nd garnet dating usa

Sm nd garnet dating usa

Dating in North America vs. Europe

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Well established, robust analytical methods mitigate the effects of ubiquitous mineral inclusions monazite is sm nd garnet dating usa significant for Sm-Nd; zircon is most significant for Lu-Hfimproving the precision and accuracy of garnet dates from both systems. For analyses of bulk garnet that grew over a protracted interval, Lu-Hf dates are expected to be older than Sm-Nd dates owing to differences in Lu and Sm zonation i.

Lu tends to be strongly sequestered by garnet cores, whereas Sm is more evenly distributed. Thus, Lu-Hf is often useful for targeting nucleation times and earliest growth zoneswhereas Sm-Nd is preferable when targeting the mid- to later stages and outermost growth zones of garnet.

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Sm nd garnet dating usa, Department of Sm–Nd ages of garnet from the northern Coast Mountains of south‐eastern Alaska, USA, constrain the timing of. Sm nd garnet dating usa, Rb– Sr and K–Ar mineral data. Hf garnet methods paper; West- central California, Geological Society of America Bulletin,

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